Land Rights Law Protects Your Texas Landowner Rights in Condemnation, Partition and Property Disputes

Land disputes are often complex. Land Rights Law can help you through the legal process of property disputes and eminent domain actions. Get started by calling 800-266-4870 now!

Eminent Domain and Condemnation

Our Texas Condemnation Rights website is a resource for property owners who need information about eminent domain and condemnation. It provides you with information about pipelines, high voltage transmission lines, highways and other projects that are using eminent domain to acquire rights of way. It also answers many of your general questions about eminent domain and condemnation proceedings.

Land Dispute Mediation

Land dispute litigation is expensive. Mediation can often find solutions that are acceptable to all parties in a land dispute without going to court. Finding solutions with the assistance of an experienced land dispute mediator will likely save you money and often provides the parties with better outcomes.Take your first step toward solving your land dispute by visiting our Mediation website. Learn more about the mediation process and how it could work to help you find reasonable solutions for your land dispute.

Land Partition and Division of Undivided Interests

An experienced land partition attorney can make it much easier for you to evaluate the short term and long term impacts of your decisions. The Texas land partition process is not easy to understand. Attorney Philip Hundl can guide you to the best decisions, given the facts of your case. Your attorney should be able to explain how the facts of your case will affect the likely outcomes of your land partition dispute. Visit our Land Partition website for more information.

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