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DeLa Express Pipeline Update and Advice for Landowners

Hi everyone, Phil Hundl here with an update on the DeLa Express Pipeline. Today, I bring you an important update on a 690 mile pipeline project that might affect many of you directly – the DeLa Express pipeline, which has recently received FERC approval. Slated to stretch from West Texas to Louisiana, this pipeline project by Moss Lake Partners could bring significant changes to your land if you’re affected. This is an update to a pipeline alert we posted a few days ago.

Overview of the DeLa Express Pipeline

The DeLa Express is not just another pipeline. Spanning hundreds of miles, this projected 42-inch diameter pipeline is following a common route in the north, joining a corridor that houses multiple other pipelines. Its substantial reach and size mean that its effects will be felt by a wide range of stakeholders, especially the landowners whose properties lie along its proposed path.

DeLa Express Pipeline Project Map
DeLa Express Pipeline Project Map

Implications for Landowners

One of the most pressing concerns for you as a landowner is understanding the direct impact of this project on your property. It’s crucial to get clear on what the construction phase involves and what infrastructures apart from the pipeline, such as valve stations and compressor stations, might appear on your land.

Why You Should Attend Stakeholder Meetings

You might be wondering: “Do I need to attend these stakeholder meetings?” or “Should I really bother?” Here’s my take:

I highly recommend that you do attend stakeholder meetings.

Philip Hundl

Attending these sessions allows you to gather essential information first-hand. It’s your opportunity to ask pressing questions about construction timelines, the exact nature of activities on your property, and any permanent structures that might be built.

Key Questions to Ask at a Stakeholder Meeting

When you attend the meetings, consider asking the following questions to gather as much information as possible:

  • When is construction projected to start and end?
  • What exactly will be built or modified on my property?
  • Will there be any above-ground structures on my land? If yes, what kind?

Understanding these aspects will not only prepare you mentally but also help you and your attorney in any legal consultations regarding the project.

Knowing the extent of the project’s impact on your property will equip you better to consult with an attorney specializing in eminent domain or condemnation proceedings. Such legal advice is invaluable in ensuring your rights are protected, and you are fairly compensated for any impact on your property.

Moreover, discussing matters such as survey access with your attorney is crucial. You’ll want to limit unauthorized or disruptive access during surveys, ensuring they occur at times that least disrupt your daily life and activities.

Final Thoughts and Next Steps

The DeLa Express pipeline is more than just a construction project passing through your backyard—it could significantly alter your living or farming or ranching operations. Getting adequately informed and consulting experienced legal professionals will place you in a much better position to handle its impact on your land and your life.

If you need further advice or have more questions, please call our office at 800-266-4870 or text us at 979-320-9320 or use our contact form. Stay informed and proactive! Remember, your involvement in these early stages can make a considerable difference in the outcome for your property now and in the future.

Stay engaged, stay informed, and let’s navigate this together!

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