In this video, Philip talks about landowners being asked for survey access and also asked to complete questionnaires in connection with the DeLa Express pipeline project. You can set up a meeting with Philip by calling 800-266-4870 or texting 979-320-9320. Meetings can be online, by phone or in person at our offices in Wharton County.

DeLa Express Pipeline Latest Developments

Summary of the DeLa Express Pipeline Latest Developments

Hi, Phil Hundl here. I want to bring you a pipeline update on the DeLa Express pipeline. This is the Moss Lake Partners project that we discussed a few weeks ago. This pipeline, as everyone remembers, starts way out in West Texas, where most of these pipelines begin, and follows a common route through Ector County, Sterling County, Runnels, Coleman (I’m skipping over some counties), Brown, Mills, Hamilton, Coryell, Falls, Robertson, dipping down into Brazos, Grimes, and then takes the path over Houston into Walker County, San Jacinto County, Liberty, Hardin.

This pipeline, unlike many other intrastate pipelines, is an interstate pipeline and will end in Louisiana. It is a large diameter, 42-inch pipeline.

Should You Grant Survey Access to Your Land or Complete a Questionnaire?

What’s going on right now? Currently, their right-of-way acquisition team is seeking survey access to land and asking landowners to fill out questionnaires. You are not required or obligated to fill out this questionnaire. It’s important for you to know that. Sometimes when people are asked to do certain things, they feel compelled or obligated to comply. You are not required to fill out a questionnaire or answer these questions at this time for Moss Lake or anyone else.

For survey access. I always suggest very limited survey access. Please speak to an attorney who handles condemnation cases. He or she can help you navigate granting temporary survey access. You need to make sure that the access, in my opinion, is limited to just the areas that need to be surveyed.

They should ensure that you are given notice and can tailor the times in which they will be surveying your property so it does not inconvenience you or disrupt your use or activities on the property. These are just a few key points I wanted to bring to your attention.

We are hearing a lot from folks who are being contacted about this DeLa Express pipeline, and I want landowners to be fully informed about their rights and the process.

If you’d like to learn more information, please visit my blog or my website. We try to provide a lot of resources and information for you, the landowner.

Thank you.

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