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Tres Palacious Lateral – Matterhorn Pipeline for Wharton County Landowners

Hi, Phil Hundl here with Land Rights Law. I wanted to bring you this project alert. This is a project that we’ve become aware of. It’s an extension of an existing larger project. The larger project is the Matterhorn project, and this is a lateral. So I believe it could be called a new project or an extension of the existing project, but Matterhorn, as you remember is a big project starting out in West Texas, passing above Round Rock, diagonally down to the coast. The Matterhorn Pipeline Project splits off in Austin County, part of it going to Wharton to the big processing facility in Hungerford and the other part going in the Katy Lateral to Waller County.


We’re talking about is the Tres Palacious or Tres P Lateral. It also may be spelled without the U as the Tres Palacios Lateral. Our understanding is that this is a 24-inch diameter pipe. It’s going to be running within Wharton County. And it’s going to be running from Hungerford to the kind of north of El Campo in the Lakeview area.

Right of Way Agents and Landowners

So if you’re in that path and you may get contacted by right of way agents and these right of way agents work for the right of way acquisition company Norfleet. That’s the company that Matterhorn has hired and other companies oftentimes hire to acquire these right of ways for them and to contact landowners and attempt to acquire the right of ways right now.

Understanding the Process

What are the right of way agents? You may have already received a letter in the mail asking for temporary access, you know or survey access. Uh, and remember that’s, that’s a, you know, a legal document that has ramifications and effects on you, and it affects your, you and your land, and so be careful anytime there’s a, a document, um, that affects your property, even if it’s temporarily, understand what it involves. Uh, I always suggest contacting an attorney that handles eminent domain, condemnation cases so that you can better understand the process and your rights.

Surveying and Environmental Impact

And this is a very early stages of the process in which, in which the pipeline company wants, uh, wants to survey, civil engineering surveying to determine, you know, engine, you know, engineering-wise and, and related to the land, the different improvements on the land, uh, features of the land and what route is quote unquote best for them. And then also they’ll do environmental and archaeological surveys as well.

Condemnation Timeline

So, early in the process before the route is, is I’m going to say finalized or established. And then you will be receiving, if you will, you know, ultimately be affected by this, this lateral, you will be receiving the initial offer, the final offer packet, and then the petition, and so on through the litigation process.

I’ve laid those steps out in the timeline, condemnation timeline, so that you can get a better understanding and feel for what is all involved, uh, with the process.


So, uh, hopefully that, hopefully that’s helpful. Um, once again, this is the Tres Palacious or Tres P lateral project coming off the main Matterhorn project.

For more information and assistance regarding your rights as a landowner in Wharton County, feel free to contact Land Rights Law. We are here to help you protect your rights during this pipeline project.

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